My name is Tomasz Janiszewski. I am a freelance video game music composer based in Kraków, Poland.
I write music in many genres, such as ambient, orchestral, electronic, and various others. My compositions fit a large range of video game genres such as shooters, casual games, indie games, adventure games, and many others. All of my music is professionally mixed and mastered to industry standards. If needed, I can make my compositions loopable. I can also provide you with stems so that you can dynamically mix the music in your game engine. I will do my best to tailor my compositions to fit your project’s needs.
Also, I compose and produce my personal music, with the main focus on Electronic/Acoustic fusion, and Melodic presence. I am also actively involved in the computer demoscene.
To talk with me about composing a soundtrack for your project, please fill out the contact form on my contact page and tell me about your game or other projects.